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MX-5 Drive Event

September 03, 2016 4:11 PM | Neil Tusing

I went to the 2016 MX-5 Drive Event at the Franklin Mills Mall in Philly, yesterday.  I was primarily interested in getting up close and personal with the ND, plus a little seat time; but I enjoyed it so much, I went back again today.  Not many Miatas showed up either day.  Yesterday there was my NB and one or two NDs, but no MAs or NCs.  Same thing today.  It was fun, but short.  The cars were the 2016 GT model with either a manual or automatic, driver's choice.  Two courses were set up.  The first was for braking.  Accelerate as hard as you want for 150 to 180 feet, my rough guess.  Then slam on the brakes at a yellow cone and come to a complete stopped within a box marked by orange cones.  Each car did this twice.  It was fun to nail the throttle, dump the clutch, hit second, then mash the brakes.  The second course was a short, but challenging (for me) autocross course.  There was one long 90 degree sweeper, a shorter about 130 degree turn, a real tight 190 degree turn (it seemed like more than 180 degrees to me) that ran into a short two-cone slalom.  The corners were connected by 200 to 250 feet straights, another rough guess.  Each car did three laps here.  The neat thing was that they had a video cam in the car that was taking a shot of the road ahead, the driver, with views of a g-meter, tachometer, and speedometer in a box in the corner.  This was recorded on a little thumb drive for the driver.  It's neat.  Plus you get the obligatory key ring with a big Mazda steering wheel hanging on it.  Nice and shiny, but too big for the pocket.  The steering wheel is 1-3/4 inches in diameter.  I was surprised that not that many people showed up.  I got there at the start of each session, 12:00 PM, Friday, and 9:00 AM, Saturday, and stayed maybe 2 to 2-1/2 hours each day.  There were no lines waiting for cars.  Maybe it got crowded Saturday afternoon.  It was a fun time and I did get a chance to give the ND a real close look, play with the top, etc.


  • September 08, 2016 11:03 PM | Kevin Doran, DelVal Club member.
    Dear Anonymous member, so sorry I knew nothing about this event as I just don't pay as close attention to our website & forums here as I should! I would have considered making the trip there and most definitely would have allowed you to take a spin in my new '16 base Sport, 6 speed manual. The new Miata/ND is a BLAST all around. One minor complaint: A bit more difficult to get in and out of than my last car, a 2007 Miata GT. Other than that, this new car is ALL everyone is raving about, in my opinion. It has a bit more body roll, but the Jap engineers did this on purpose. It is beyond FUN to drive and is rather reminiscent of the NB... I had a 2002 Miata LS/5 speed manual and this new car drives VERY much like that one: Again, FUN...and a thousand other words to describe why I and so many others love the new ND.. IF u are ever able or wishing to buy a new ND, I would strongly recommend Maple Shade or Turnersville, NJ, Mazda. Bought all of my 3 Miatas there. They have at least 3 AMAZING points: 1.) Free loaner cars if your car needs extended service; 2.) FREE LIFETIME synthetic oil do NOT have to adhere to their expensive recommended services to qualify for the free oil changes. 3.) They now have a phenomenal 15 YEAR/150,000 Ltd. free Power Train Warranty on all new cars they sell. NOBODY offers that these days! If you are ever around Atlantic City where I live, call or text me at 609-271-2100 to get the "full tour" of my new Miata. And I am completely happy with going with the cheaper base model/Sport. Doesn't have that big silly screen on the dash, only a smaller one, but none of that extra expensive baloney..that I never use. No leather seats either, but these new cloth seats are PHENOMENAL, much cooler in hot weather and super comfy and easily kept clean. I don't miss the leather seats in my '07 GT at all! And the new Sport has the wonderful black cloth, not that shitty cheap vinyl like the other gens... Oh, only 16 inch alloys, but they are sufficient enough for me and just as beautiful as the wheels on the Club and GT, in my opinion. The Sport is the LIGHTEST of all models also... I'm rambling and will quit for now! Take care and thanx for reading.
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