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Great mechanic for Miata

  • October 09, 2020 4:22 PM
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    Deleted user

    Hi All, just found JP Auto mechanic in Totowa, Jeff is the owner/mechanic. 

    highly recommend if anyone looking for a reliable awesome car mechanic. 

    He did a bunch of modifications on my ND and i only bring it to him for service

  • November 03, 2022 3:46 PM
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    Could you elaborate on what he has done for you?

  • November 04, 2022 8:22 AM
    Reply # 12978204 on 9294719

    Dave Deerson in South River NJ

    Eats, sleeps & dreams Miata’s. In addition to routine service he builds Miata race cars from frame up. He’s been racing Miata’s 20+ years. Honest & thorough & a very nice guy 

  • November 04, 2022 1:42 PM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    On behalf of Bob Ingoglia

    Mr. Creamer- I have had  normal  service intervals  performed plus installation  of various parts ( Glove box, timing belt, brake pads, etc.)

    In 32 years of driving my original NA ’90 car I have never used a Mazda Dealer for any type of service  because of disagreements in their initial purchase of the car where the local dealer tried to raise our contractual price TWICE before I even took possession of my car. I told the dealer he would never see my car in his shop and I never went back to him or any other Mazda dealership.

    So I have used other garages but Dave was , by far , the best experience. Never broke down on me, had a flat tire, or was towed home in 32 years!

    But I had a continual annoying oil leak from beneath the engine and I took the car to a Mazda dealer in Morristown , NJ. They diagnosed an oil pan leak which requires pulling the entire engine out in order to replace an inexpensive gasket. Their quoted price of  $2,300!

    Dave did the same work  for $800 -$900 and I also replaced the clutch since it was easily accessible  even though it performed beautifully. Throughout the process Dave was helpful in answering questions and never tried to bump up the final bill with additional repair items.

    I met a couple there who were picking up a car they had not driven in many years. They also told me that they were very satisfied with T+J ‘s work. He totally restored the car inside and out.

    The only problem is that the shop is difficult to find the first time but well worth the visit as they know how to fix Miata’s and 95% of their business is Miata repair. He races the cars, rebuilds them, and services them . I figured that makes travelling to his shop 40 minutes away from my house well worth the visit.

    Hope my comments help you out.

    Bob Ingoglia.

    PS- I am not at all mechanically inclined so a trusted garage is very important for my car.

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